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What to expect

Let’s start with what the locals refer to as – The Valley.‍

Starting with our first inland town of Walkerston, only 15mins from Mackay but you are on your way to an adventure that will see you with your heads in the clouds. Marian and Mirani, Eton, Gargett and Pinnacle will all mean so much more to you after the drive. Stop in at Platypus Beach at Mirani for a picnic or just an opportunity to cool down (kayaks & paddle boards are welcome here) Eton Pub for a Sunday sesh with local music and great pub food. Pinnacle Pub is a must on your way up or down the valley and try one of their famous Pinnacle Pies.

Finch Hatton George is next. A short hike and you will be ready to cool down in any number of secluded or more frequented rock pools.

As you make your way from the valley floor 690m up to Eungella (The word Eungella is an aboriginal name meaning ‘land of the cloud’ and with an average annual rainfall of 2240mm, it often seems perched in the clouds) the views back down the valley are amazing. (Want to sound like a local? – Eungella pronounced Yun gella).

Moving on to Broken River, this is a perfect place to see Platypus in the wild, camping and cabins available. Lunches available at a locally run café. More fishing/camping/skiing and jet skiing at Eungella Dam a further 20km on.

Now if all that seems like too much to do in a day, take two and stay over. It’s a good idea to buy a swag when you move here.

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